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World Class Treatment And Compassionate Care

Are addiction, trauma or mental health issues holding you back from living the life that you want and truly deserve?
Are the challenges you are facing proving detrimental to your family, your relationships or your career?
At The Cabin our treatment approach is comprised of modern, intelligent, physical and holistic treatment programs.
We don’t deal in quick fixes. Our single-minded purpose is on addressing the core issues – the restoration of a sound mind and body – allowing you to experience deep healing, emotional repair and a dynamic personal transformation that results in lifelong recovery.

What We Offer


Residential Treatment - This level of care is ideal for patients who need the support of a structured living environment whilst accessing high-intensity clinical care. Secondary Treatment - After finishing their inpatient treatment clients have the option of living in our Recovery House. This beautiful residence provides a safe, lower intensity, structured, healing environment ideal for patients needing additional post treatment support and an optimal environment for recovery and reintegration.

Continuing Care

Continuing Care - This level of care allows patients leaving inpatient residential treatment to remain engaged with a clinician at The Cabin and participate in ongoing online treatment from home to support their continued recovery for as long as they need - and at The Cabin we offer the first 2 weeks free of charge.


Intensive Outpatient Treatment - This level of care consists of daily, or weekly or individual counselling depending on the clients needs. Treatment can be delivered in person at one of our global outpatient units in Sydney, Hong Kong, London or Singapore or via telehealth.

The Cabin - Asia's Most Respected Rehab

The Cabin is an internationally recognized center of excellence for the treatment of mental health and addictive disorder.

For those individuals who put a premium on clinical expertise, luxurious accommodation and amenities, predictable pricing, and bespoke personalized service, The Cabins clinically effective treatment programme gives you peace of mind, even in the most stressful of times.

In just 12 years, our secluded inpatient facility has grown to successfully treat over 5000 people suffering from addiction, trauma and mental health problems from all over the world - a testament to the reputation we have earned of being Asia's most respected rehab.

Five thousand treatments completed.
Five thousand lives changed.
Five thousand stories rewritten.

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Our Treatment

Group Therapy

Cognitive Processing Therapy

Internal Family Systems

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)


Expressive Therapy

The Cabins Secularized 12-Step Principles

Physical Fitness Training

We Are Available 24/7 For You Or Your Loved Ones

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Our Admissions team is here to help 24 hours a day and is experienced in assisting others with compassion, dignity, and respect — hallmark values of The Cabin for more than 10 years. The Cabin’s Admissions Specialists are here to help you on your way to a healthier and more productive lifestyle. When you call, they will lead you through a series of questions to determine if The Cabin is a good fit, and how soon your treatment can begin. If you are interested in The Cabin for yourself or a loved one, call or fill out an admissions form today!

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Our Accommodation and Facilities

With top-end amenities including private villas, state of the art modern therapy rooms, a fully equipped fitness center, a large infinity swimming pool, an open-air restaurant with large balcony and riverbank dining areas serving fine fusion cuisine, all located on the tropical riverbank of The Ping River. The Cabin in Chiang Mai is your recovery oasis.

Our Amenities
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Our World-class Team

You won't find a more experienced, better qualified or more compassionate team anywhere in the world. We’ve helped over five thousand people before you lead lives they never thought were possible – and we can help you, too.

Our Teams

What Our Clients are Saying:

Overall, the experience and the programme was great. Keep up the good work thanks for helping me!


I would strongly recommend The Cabin because of the level of care for clients well-being, which is put above anything else. It far exceeded my expectations.


I feel that I am walking out of here in a much better place, not only from my addiction but towards my understanding of myself and what I need to do moving forward. I would recommend this place to anyone I can


Life changing experience, world-class care.


The Cabin has been a sanctuary for me and my brother and I am forever grateful for its people and service offered.


When I came in, I was utterly hopeless and completely broken physically, spiritually and emotionally. The time that I spent here literally saved my life. The level of care and commitment from the staff and the counsellors and the people in my groups – it was extraordinary.


All of the staff were always there for me. This is a very good place to recover.


I would recommend The Cabin because a lot of the time I didn’t want to be here but the staff helped me through everything I was going through and have got me to the end.


I am both humbled and proud to have experienced my growth at The Cabin.


As hard and challenging as being in treatment was, I enjoyed the hard and fun. I have learnt so much about myself and truly believe I have accomplished and learnt the starting skills to overcome my obstacles in life.


I wake up almost every day in a happy disbelief that I am alive and that I don’t want a drink

Jeff Robertson

My time at The Cabin was by far the most enjoyable and beneficial experience I’ve had in any treatment centre. With many of The Cabin’s staff in recovery themselves, their ability to draw on their own experiences really helped me and I also found their success inspirational. There is no other treatment centre that I have stayed longer. I would recommend this place over any other place I’ve been.

Client in recovery

It's changed my life, and I believe it can change others too

Client in recovery

My treatment at the Cabin was world class. I can not speak highly enough of my individual and group treatment programs along with all the staff that made my stay and recovery possible

Client in recovery

The program is extremely well designed and the professionalism of the team is incredible. The accommodations look like a resort and not like an awful hospital

Client in recovery

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