The Cabin Addiction Services Group is dedicated to providing world-class addiction treatment and complete anonymity to all clients by adhering to a strict confidentiality policy. To help each client achieve lasting recovery we have developed our own treatment model called Recovery Zones which is based on the premise below:
Whilst addiction is strikingly similar in the way that it affects sufferers and their families, we believe that each client is an individual who will present for treatment with a unique set of circumstances that are particular to them. Some clients will have deep traumas which need addressing. Other clients will be addicted to multiple substances or processes, and other clients may have co-occurring health problems which others do not have. For this reason we use a counselling model called Recovery Zones, which was developed to treat the wide spectrum of issues which addicted clients face. Recovery Zones helps clients to ‘tailor’ their treatment by building their own ‘abstinence contracts’ and ‘recovery plans’ according to what fits with their life circumstances, medical issues or cultural background. The Cabin philosophy is to use all the effective and evidence-based treatment methods available – and Recovery Zones provides the framework for that. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, 12 Steps, Mindfulness and EMDR are all used in our treatment settings according to which model works best for each client and each issue.
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