The Cabin Chiang Mai Residential Rehab

The Group’s very first venture, The Cabin Chiang Mai is regarded as Asia’s leading substance and process addiction treatment centre, with a 96% programme completion rate and a recovery rate amongst the highest in the world. Made up of two primary treatment facilities and a secondary treatment Sober House located in in the cultural northern capital of Thailand, the centre sits on the banks of the peaceful Ping River – offering clients complete privacy and beautiful resort-style accommodation and facilities with 24-hour professional medical care in a soothing environment far from their usual triggers.

The Cabin uses a culturally- sensitive, personalised addiction treatment approach in its Recovery Zones “all addictions” treatment model. This model combines several highly-effective, proven psychological techniques such as CBT, and Mind Mapping with the basic 12 Step principles– the latter of which have been modified by our clinical team to be more secular and better suited to modern addiction treatment. The core programme is augmented by Mindfulness (therapeutic meditation techniques) and tailored exercise therapy.

Treatment is administered a by a team of Western- accredited , highly experienced psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors; while our in-house 24-hour nursing conforms to the highest international standards and is under the supervision of Thailand’s foremost detox expert, Dr Suttipan Takkapaijit. Together they have helped over 1000 men and women from around the world achieve recovery, since The Cabin Chiang Mai opened its doors in 2010.

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The Cabin Chiang Mai Arabic Treatment Centre

The Cabin Chiang Mai Arabic Treatment Centre in northern Thailand is a world-class residential addiction treatment facility, which specialises in the treatment of alcohol and drug addictions; as well as co-occurring psychological issues such as trauma, anxiety and depression that often go hand-in-hand with the disease of addiction.

We have successfully treated a growing number of clients from the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar since 2010. As part of the internationally acclaimed Cabin Addiction Services Group, we use the same highly-effective treatment model employed across all Cabin treatment centres worldwide – it has an independently verified 96% programme completion rate. Our treatment programme, however, is conducted entirely in the Arabic language.

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The Edge Residential Rehab for Young Men

The Edge is a revolutionary addiction treatment programme designed specifically for young men ages 18-28. We approach addiction by engaging participants in intense physical activity, social responsibility and a search for meaning, while incorporating The Cabin’s highly successful Recovery Zones treatment method. Located in the eco-activity hub of Thailand, The Edge uses the challenges of Muay Thai boxing, triathlon training and wilderness adventure as cornerstones of this approach. Our addiction specialists are highly experienced in working with youth and pioneering the use of intensive physical activity in addiction treatment. Our unique programming keeps young men interested, stimulated and challenged in order to yield the best results.

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The Cabin Bangkok Outpatient Rehab Centre


The Cabin Bangkok is a premier outpatient addiction and mental wellness centre in the capital city of Thailand. Due to public demand for outpatient services, and to accommodate clients whose work or family obligations prevent them from seeking residential treatment in Chiang Mai, The Cabin Addiction Services Group has responded with the Bangkok clinic.

Our new office, conveniently located in the metropolitan hub of the Sukhumvit area, provides addiction treatment for alcohol, drug, gambling and sex problems, as well as general clinical counselling for mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, personality disorders and adjustment disorders.

The first of its kind in Thailand, The Cabin Bangkok provides confidential and quality counselling to both expats and Thai citizens, utilising a modern and effective treatment model supervised by licensed professionals with many years of experience in the field.

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The Cabin Dhaka Outpatient Rehab Centre

The Cabin Dhaka is a specialised outpatient rehab centre treating substance addictions (alcohol and drugs) as well as process addictions (sex, internet and gambling). The Cabin also specialises in mental wellness, offering a variety of psychological services to effectively treat clients with mental health issues including anxiety and depression as well as mood, personality and adjustment disorders. Drawing its clients from both the expat and Bangladeshi communities, The Cabin Dhaka focuses on delivering quality, culturally sensitive treatment that is accessible to our busy clients while protecting their anonymity and confidentiality.

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The Cabin Hong Kong Outpatient Rehab Centre

cabin hk

The first of its kind in Asia, The Cabin Hong Kong is a dedicated outpatient addiction treatment centre pecialising in substance and process addiction treatment that caters primarily to expats working in Hong Kong and affluent locals. Located conveniently in the heart of Hong Kong’s central business district, The Cabin offers a range of outpatient treatment options to match the work and lifestyle commitments of its clients.

All of these treatment services are delivered in the English language and designed to effectively tackle addiction. We believe the most effective option is our Recovery Zones progamme, which is an intensive six to 12 week course, but we also offer the following services:

• One-on-one counselling
• Group therapy
• Family programme
• Follow-up and aftercare programme
• Psychiatric assessment & medication review
• Complimentary therapies i.e. mindfulness
• Fast-tracked access to our inpatient centre, The Cabin Chiang Mai

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The Cabin Melbourne Outpatient Rehab Centre

Primarily serving working professionals in the Melbourne and greater Victoria area, The Cabin Melbourne is a specialised outpatient addiction treatment facility. Our experienced and specially trained team of addiction professionals is highly skilled in treating addictions to substances such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine (ice), heroin and prescription drugs as well as addictions to food, pornography, sex, gambling, and the internet. The Cabin Melbourne is the first multinational addiction treatment centre in the region, filling a much needed void for proven, effective addiction treatment in Victoria.

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The Cabin Singapore Outpatient Rehab Centre


The Cabin’s newly opened clinic, The Cabin Singapore, is our most recent endeavor to provide quality counselling therapy to both expats and locals by offering an intensive outpatient programme for clinical addiction treatment, as well as other underlying mental health issues that usually accompany addiction such as depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and so on.

Therapy session is overseen by a team of licensed addiction professionals with extensive clinical experience, using a cutting-edge treatment model called Recovery Zones. This model has been independently verified to be more effective than traditional addiction treatment methods and yields a 96% programme completion rate.

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The Cabin Sydney Outpatient Rehab Centre

cabin syd

The Cabin Sydney is a specialist outpatient addiction treatment centre that treats alcohol and drug addictions, as well as process addictions; i.e. addictions to processes such as gambling, sex, internet use and so on. Part of The Cabin Addiction Services Group, The Cabin Sydney represents the first multinational addiction treatment centre to enter the Australian market and brings with it the latest in proven, effective and holistic addiction treatment.

Located in the centre of the city, with a strong focus on confidentiality and providing a range of treatment services with flexible scheduling, the centre attracts mainly managerial level professionals with demanding work and personal commitments.

Treatment is administered by a team of licensed addiction specialists, all highly experienced in conducting Recovery Zones, The Cabin’s gold standard treatment programme which is an intensive six to 12 week course. Other treatment options available include:

• One-on-one counselling
• Group therapy
• Family programme
• Follow-up and aftercare programme
• Psychiatric assessment & medication review
• Complimentary therapies i.e. mindfulness
• Fast-tracked access to our inpatient centre, The Cabin Chiang Mai

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